Member Supplier Interest

Member Supplier Interest

Please select the suppliers and service companies in which you are interested in receiving more information regarding the best discounts in the industry, exclusively offered through Top Shelf Hospitality.


Food Purchasing

8% - 18% Savings from Current Street Level Pricing
Preferred Pricing on Seafood, Meats, Dry Goods, Seasonal Opportunity Buys
$10 - $20 Fry Rebate Per Case, Preferred Pricing
25% off Current List Price
Additional Discounting from Purchase Optimization, Quarterly Rebates
Redux Oil
$0.10 per Lb or $0.20 per Litre for Used Cooking Oil

Beverage Purchasing

Coca Cola
Preferred Pricing, $500 Switch Out Bonus First Year
Proximo Canada
Marketing Incentive Rebates on Tiered Volumes
Breakthru Beverage
$18 per 9L Case, Marketing Incentive Rebates, $20 per Keg (Guinness)
Mark Anthony
Preferred Pricing on Tiered Volumes
Andrew Peller
$8 at 48 Cases, $10 at 96 Cases, $12 at 144 Cases, 1in10 for 16L Box Wine
Sleeman Breweries
$37.50/Keg if Offered as House Lager, Premium Brands $37.50, 2 Tap Minimums
Phillips Brewing
Preferred Pricing on Select Taps and Products
Molson Canadian
$25 - $45 for Keg Rebate
Labatt Brewing
$25 - $45 for Keg Rebate


First Data
1.88% Effective Rate or Alternative Pricing Plans, 5 Cent Interact, No Contract
Base Line Processing
5 Cent Interact, Alternative Pricing Plans


Megson Fitzpatrick
8% - 20% Business Coverage Savings, Auto/Home Discounts for Owners/Employees
Integrated Benefit Solutions
Preferred Rate for Owner/Manager/Employee Medical and Dental Benefits


10% Rebate on Current Pricing - Set Preferred Pricing
Superior Cleaning
10% Discount Existing, 15% for Both, Hood Vent and Grease Traps
GFL Environmental
$65 to 75G, $75 to 150G, $85 to 450G, $120 to 750G, $0.31 per G Disposal of Grease
Waste Management
10% Savings, Preferred Pricing
Preferred Pricing and Dish Washer Leasing
Uptown Air Conditioning
$95/Hour Rate, Truck Charge $10.95, Maintenance Agreements, 15% Discount on Parts
Monk Office Supplies
Corporate Preferred Pricing
Bargreen Ellingson
Preferred Pricing - Plate Ware, Glass Ware, Small Wares, Equipment
LDI Commercial Kitchen Services
$80/Hour Labour, $30 Truck Charge, All Kitchen + Equipment Repairs
Calibrate Consulting
Website Development + Hosting
Black Fox
Digital Cash Out System
Digital Gratuity Payout System
Money Transfer Solution

Additional Services

Quarterly Owner's Forum
Round Table Discussions
Insurance Seminars
Liability Solutions
Supplier Presentations
Quarterly Samplings
Legal Presentations
Human Resources, WorkSafe BC Regulations